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2021-01-02 - Inauspicious Day Turned Good

What a nice day the second of 2021 turned out to be, after an inauspicious start. Woke up feeling congested, coughing and sneezing this morning. Was fairly sure it was allergies given that we have been all but locked-down weeks, but stayed away from my mother-in-law when my wife went up there to visit and take care of some things. It still seems strange to be able to have hay fever in January, but I am reliably informed that there is a lot of tree pollen blowing up to the Dallas area on the wind.

Allergy medicine is good stuff. I felt a lot better after some of that with a cup of tea, and spent the morning tidying up the house, doing laundry and dishes while listening to records played loud. I don't get to turn up the music very often due to the children protesting, so that was fun. Ordered some replacement parts for our Roomba too. We got one a few years ago, and though I'm generally not too keen on smart things you can use it without an app by just pushing its buttons. The availability of parts to keep it working nicely is also very good.

We ended up this afternoon all hanging out in the lovely sunny weather outside, riding bikes. Our older child has finally clicked with riding his bike so a new world of adventures awaits. We have good trails through the parks here, along creeks that branch out through the city. I ride along them quite regularly for some exercise and it'll be fun to have some company sometimes now, even if I have to slow down quite a bit :-)

After that we had some tasty tarts from La Casita Bakeshop in Dallas. Our local coffee shop in Carrollton, Parks Coffee, sells La Casita croissants and things plus you can order other items for collection from the coffee shop. We tried a chocolate and hazelnut tart that tasted like a Ferrero Rocher (but better), as well as a cranberry tart that was oddly quite close to a delicious raspberry cheescake.

Dinner involved some tasty fresh baked bread, chorizo, pork pie from the British store, hummus and blackberries. I've also had a quiet hour to sit and re-arrange my Gemini capsule a bit.

Life is good today (in our little bubble at least).

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