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2021-02-27 - Back on the Web

This blog dissappeared from the world wide web for a while. I moved it into Gemini space for a bit.

Gemini is a lightweight protocol and markup format for text-first sites, that can have very limited formatting, and strictly limited interactivity. Many in the community around it like to see it as a more private, simpler, alternative to the web. I don't think it's an alternative at all, rather a different place for different things. It's a small quiet world with some interesting things to check out and explore.

For various reasons I've decided my gemlog should come back to the place it left, as a blog hosted at SDF. My Gemini stuff at gemini://dctrud.randomroad.net will remain for now. I'm not sure yet whether it will mirror the blog, perhaps partially, or if it'll have other content instead. It might be a nice place for more personal, or nonsense posts, as well as keeping up some replies to other gemini sites.

This website will gradually have the articles between May 2020 and now added to it, as I convert them from gemtext into org-mode.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend!

SFC Supporter