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2020-03-17 - Converted Content

Where    : Home office
Computer : piran (Linux iMac)
Music    : None
Weather  : A window evening

Having just found 30 minutes to myself after the the children have gone to bed, I've gone through my old Gemini / Blog posts in Emacs to reformat them as gopher phlog entries. I'm lazy, so this has just been a little bit of manual editing, and a lot of `M-q fill-paragraph`. Tappity tap tap!

It's surprisingly satisfying to be writing / converting files into straight hard-wrapped plain-text. Not a lot to worry about. If it's readable in the editor, it's readable to a client. It's also a bit easier to make some things work than in Gemini text, where you can't really format lists just how you fancy… without a plaintext block, which is sort of bad form.

Next up, I just need to think of something new to write :-)

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