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I've jumped around various instances, large and small, but never quite settled in properly in a particular corner of the fediverse.

Have decided to give mastodon another go on a personal self-hosted instance, where I'll be out on a bit of a limb, in a pretty quiet space.

I do lots of computing for work... on , and occasional for fun.

Expect posts on these things and also left-ish (non CW'd).

In the bike shop’s defense... this may have been clearer had I not been extremely hungry but decided to have a beer before eating.

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Arghhh. I have just inadvertently spent $51 shipping on about $100 of cycling stuff as the items shipped from 4 different places, with 4 shipping charges, and I didn’t look at the final final checkout screen well enough. Having to pay more attention to this stuff is definitely a downside to a no Amazon life.

Garage and backyard tidied. 10 minutes of badminton played. Grilling to come. A nice Sunday in some gorgeous March Texas weather!

“The Vision” album is definitely recommended. Really good funky disco tracks and the records sound fantastic. It’s a 2020 UK release on Defected.

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A of late 90s trance... leaning a bit harder this evening.

Doing this was a fun way to wind down after a long and busy day of work... and @buttstuf 's bigbeat show, of course.

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@art it is so freaking annoying. He says that businesses can enforce their own mask rules, but that is already difficult to do when the state was requiring them. Everything becomes a fight w anti-maskers. They have new ammunition to enter businesses w/out a mask & scream & make a fit saying they don’t have to wear one. So infuriating for businesses who do want to remain open w mask requirement but no state order to back them up. Plus, state has already said counties cannot have stricter rules.

8 miles out. 8 back to go. Quiet trails on a grey day.

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Let's try again with the correct year in the URL this time 🙂

Moving back from a gemlog to a blog on the web hosted by SDF, where it was before May:

Likely to fully / partly mirror stuff to gemini, or keep my gemini capsule for other stuff. Will see what I work out with that.

Christmas present from my wife arrived from Germany - was posted 15th December!

Weather from last Tuesday to today...

Low -2F then, 42F now.
High 18F then, 81F now.

From the depths of winter to a warm spring day in the space of a week.

Fairly sloppy tonight, of some house and deep house ... trying out some new records that arrived today.

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