Sort of (photo instead) browsing mastodon and chatting on the tildeverse IRC this evening.

It's a 2017 iMac running a completely free software Linux distro, 9, with no non-free firmware blobs etc. Tried this a while back, as I like to see what's possible with 100% free software each year, and this is actually very pleasant so it has stuck.

I actually contributed a tiny little bit toward the then in-preparation 9 a year or so ago. I left using trisquel for various reasons, but it's fun to come back to it knowing I helped out in a very small way.

It's essentially Ubuntu with non-free stuff and snaps removed, plus a customized default MATE desktop.

It lags behind... the recent Trisquel 9 is from Ubuntu 18.04. However Ubuntu 18.04 is still quite a nice sweet spot of being stable, boring, and running most what you want.

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