death and computing related 

Spent half an hour on an updated "If Dave Dies - Computer Stuff" sheet, in case my wife suddenly finds herself without me.

If you're a nerd like me with a non-nerd spouse/partner, and have family documents, photos, music etc. on a Linux machine maybe with encrypted backups etc. it's worth an hour or so a month making sure they have multiple ways and instructions of how to get those things relatively simply.


death and computing related 

If you have your own domain that your loved ones use for email, keep it paid up for a few years in advance, and leave some hints about where it is registered, and what service hosts the email.

Password managers are good to share essential account details.

Maybe consider an occasional backup to a Windows formatted drive, hidden away in a cabinet. It could save a lot of hassle as it's easy to read things from on whatever computer they have.

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