Had a nice 32 mile trip to the Lewisville Lake Copperas Point and back on my bike today. It is certainly warming up here now.

Bike tire that failed the other day gave out in an interesting way, and got to see it from the inside now I've changed the tire for a new one tonight... Rubber completely separated from the threads on the inside where it failed. Looks like the pothole may have tickled a manufacturing defect.

Sigh. Driver who just couldn’t take 2 seconds to give me any space, plus crumbling local roads = ruined tire. Luckily this was at the very end of a 24 mile ride, jut around the corner from home.

Made it the 21 miles back home without stopping to buy a Ferrari 🙂

In other news, constant headwinds suck, as does the pretty heavy Saturday lunchtime Lexus SUV traffic down through Frisco and Plano.

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21 miles to visit family in the DFW exurbs this morning, and back home later. Shall I stop off to upgrade my transportation? 🤔

Took a half day off for my sanity and went for 21 miles, taking in all the trails and a little more. Looks like the cold might reach us down here soon, so might be the last for a little bit.

Really is nice with all the trails nearly meeting. Just a shame there's no easy cycle /pedestrian bridge across the highway. It's Texas, with drivers who will happily turn across you, so cycling across the junction / street above is a bit too hairy. At least the crossing lights work now!

Now also have a 19 mile circuit to take in the ends of most of other the trails as well, if fancy a change from out and back on the longest.

Very glad the council has tied this together now. Am sure it'll encourage many more people to use the trails now they link up better, and have more convenient entrances near lots of subdivisions and apartments.

Exciting times. I might get a little bit fitter.

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I've jumped around various instances, large and small, but never quite settled in properly in a particular corner of the fediverse.

Have decided to give mastodon another go on a personal self-hosted instance, where I'll be out on a bit of a limb, in a pretty quiet space.

I do lots of computing for work... on , and occasional for fun.

Expect posts on these things and also left-ish (non CW'd).

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