Lipps Inc. Funkytown and some other good jams on transparent green and yellow with the most 90s sleeve ever. Fun times! This is a really bizarre compilation of Euro house and original disco.

A of late 90s trance... leaning a bit harder this evening.

Doing this was a fun way to wind down after a long and busy day of work... and @buttstuf 's bigbeat show, of course.

Christmas present from my wife arrived from Germany - was posted 15th December!

Fairly sloppy tonight, of some house and deep house ... trying out some new records that arrived today.

Another this weekend. Some varied and good house music from the 90s

Steadily getting a bit happier with these now.

Another - big trance hits of 1999 and thereabout this time.

Getting in a bunch of living room DJ practice in this cold weather!

New tonight. 90s/00s disco-ey house and some big chart dance hits.

Had a lot of fun jigging around while making this, on this cold night... and it didn't turn out bad, apart from one big oops!

Did another hour long tonight before hitting the shower and bed. Some trancey-ish and techno-ish stuff mostly from around the turn of the 00s.

Had a fun hour doing a classic mix before bed.

Some cheesy, some not so cheesy stuff. All vinyl from 1999 and thereabouts.

Midweek treats arrived in the mail from San Francisco. Music to test software by...

Played a lazy hour of various fairly chilled house on tonight.

Some pretty nice music in it, so posted it to mixcloud this time:


I've jumped around various instances, large and small, but never quite settled in properly in a particular corner of the fediverse.

Have decided to give mastodon another go on a personal self-hosted instance, where I'll be out on a bit of a limb, in a pretty quiet space.

I do lots of computing for work... on , and occasional for fun.

Expect posts on these things and also left-ish (non CW'd).

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