@buttstuf I've just followed your pixelfed.social account on mastodon... but I can't work out how to do it from pixelfed.

@buttstuf I don't think there's a way to do it (follow someone from elsewhere) on pixelfed, and it seems to take away a lot of the point of it being federated.

You can, easily-ish, though follow pixelfed accounts from mastodon. E.g. to follow my SDF pixelfed you would search for '@dctrud` on mastodon, then follow that account.

A grab bag of records, badly mixed! But... it was fun to mess around with some vinyl while sipping a beer 🙂

Mostly disco influenced house.


My short lived directory of gemini capsules at gemini://directory.randomroad. has been shut down as planned, as April has ended.

Still a few visitors in logs - try gemini://medusae.space instead if you are looking for a directory of gemini capsules.

Bye for now 👋

Second vaccination tomorrow. Spent several hours digging up roots and planting things, so will probably ache before I get it!

Managed to grab a chance this evening to sort out some music to try out digital vinyl control on a bit more properly.

The vinyl control works very well with my DN-X600 mixer's USB ASIO interface, on a humble Thinkpad T420. ~11ms buffer is workable on that setup.

Outcome is here: mixcloud.com/dctrud/2021-04-29 - the sloppy mixing is all on me, not the computer sadly 😊

First 10mins is for @claudiom 😄

For sale sign that has popped up at the church across the road from our house seems a bit excessive... Doubt there are passing church buyers on our tiny quiet street!

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Bought a signed solo album CD direct from a member of a reasonably well known band, originally from Dallas.

Could have also bought his book "Images of Rail: East Texas Logging Railroads".... or things such as the "Dallas City Directory 1934" he's also selling.

Not sure why, but it's strangely reassuring there are serious history & railroad buff / alt-country musicians in existence.

This might stem my record buying a bit, and prevent me from overflowing from more of the toy / book shelves I have been stilling from the children and my wife!

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Decided to take a punt on buying and trying some Serato control vinyl with Mixxx, and it seems to work pretty well!

Mixxx is the only real option due to the mixer ASIO drivers for low latency being 32-bit only... and all the other software having gone 64-bit by now.

This Denon mixer was a real bargain at $149 given it's full Midi and supports DVS directly. If the official drivers were updated to 64-bit it'd be awesome, but I can dream.

Some more smooth music to go well with a cup of tea this evening 🙂

Soul Motive - The Nightshift EP


This is 7m 19s of goodness for a Saturday evening.

Karen Ramirez - Looking For Love (Kevin Yost's Fate's Calling Remix)


@mnw The mixer I have has only ancient 32-bit ASIO drivers available for Windows. Those actually work fine with 32-bit mixxx on Windows.

I prefer and bought Traktor PRO 3 a while ago, and that's 64-bit only... so I have to use ASIO4AL. It seems like it'll work okay as long as I don't want to do digital vinyl control where the real ASIO drivers are needed for low latency. I guess I could try that with 32-bit mixxx if I want to! Heh.

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