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Office depot had a half decent chair on sale, so my guest room -> home office takeover is complete. Fun on the left, earning on the right πŸ˜€

You win some, you lose some. Truncated lunchtime ride after dodging mowers on the trail, and the rain started.

If you fancy a quick 20 minutes of deep house-ish music with your cup of tea... I just had a quick test out of the things I plugged together.

Not vinyl... very much digital for once.

Decided to have another bit of a go at digital DJing sometime soon. Can't buy an unlimited number of records. Getting setup... the vintage Thinkpad has been de-linuxed and have done the dance for the long unmaintained Denon mixer drivers that are Windows only.

Bye bye Tim Apple. Hello Mr Google. New
phone and back in Android land this time around. More spying? But cheaper, and can install what I want from Fossdroid.

The joys of switching all the things over haven't improved... Can see why the lock-in works if you aren't tech savvy, or value your time highly $$$. Luckily I'm a miserly nerd.

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@snowdusk it’s cheesy but better than whatever David Guetta has done to it πŸ˜‰

Ouch... nothing like browsing smartphones to make me want to go ditch technology and live in a cave.

Sell a kidney for the cheapest $399+ tax Apple thing that is far overpowered for my needs... or buy a much cheaper 2021 Moto G, but have to accept it'll become unpatched in about 2 years 😞

Thought I was going to last longer with my failing and unreliable iPhone 7, and a flip phone for reliable calls... but vaccine has happened sooner than I expected, so hoping to get out a bit.

Also got my first Pfizer shot this afternoon. Won't know if it causes muscle aches, as I'll be sore from the bike ride tomorrow anyway! πŸ™‚

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Had a nice 32 mile trip to the Lewisville Lake Copperas Point and back on my bike today. It is certainly warming up here now.

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We have a brand new loaner car from Ford while our minivan is having recall work done. The new car just asked if it was okay to send data about what we are listening to on the radio to Ford... to improve their products and experiences. πŸ€”

Finally threw in the towel on cable internet yesterday, after two more days of unstable internet affecting work. Ordered fiber from Frontier around lunchtime.

Wasn't holding out too much hope since they are in bankruptcy now, and were terrible last time we had them.

They came today... an hour early... to set it up. And it is all working. And we are getting what we pay for. Need to cross many fingers and toes that this isn't some kind of temporary competence... and it'll keep working nicely.

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