All the stars to Quiet in Her Bones by Nalini Singh, a slump-buster mystery/suspense

I have run into Christie’s And Then There Were None without trying several times since reading it in December.

Continuing to gobble through Rachel Howzell Hall’s backlist after devouring And Now She’s Gone, I blindly checked out They All Fall Down from the library and found a dark American take on a British classic. And an unlikable heroine, which I want to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Listened to this one, which is unusual for me, but I’m glad I did. The conversational form, the Amber Ruffin-ness of Amber Ruffin, and the occasional sisterly banter counterbalanced both the weight of the individual stories and the cumulative crush of their sheer volume (which, as they point out, is not even the entirety of one person’s lifetime of racist experiences). I gasped, I laughed, I cried. You should too.

From Philadelphia PA to Dallas TX in only *checks watch* 57 days.

As great as everyone says. Lit fic doesn’t usually hook me in like this one did. It’s just so good.

The Eighth Detective was dark and gruesome at times, but also completely different and a compelling quick read.

I love Alyssa Cole, but not so much this book, maybe because I'm much better at holding a grudge than the heroine. And also her physical attraction to the hero even when he's being an asshole is not my jam.

Just found out my husband (🇬🇧) calls whole notes, half notes, quarter notes etc nonsense words from the 13th century and feels superior about it.

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